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"We have worked several times with Beate Meyer in the past for market research project and workshops – each and every time the cooperation has helped us to move a step further. Projects covered our accadis University for Applied Science as well as our accadis International School in Bad Homburg. Beate Meyer works with great analytic skills and an excellent feel for the individual target groups, no matter whether it is talking to University students or families with school kids. Above all we are very happy with her pragmatism concerning the recommendation for the implementation of the insights gained in the market research studies. We look forward to continuing our target-oriented cooperation with Beate Meyer and can highly recommend her expertise.”

Gerda Meinl-Kexel and Prof. Dr. Christoph Kexel, Managing Partners accadis Bildung GmbH, Bad Homburg/Germany

"I've known Beate for many years as a truly professional marketing expert and I'm happy that our paths recently crossed again. She's been an invaluable partner in the context of a complex research project with a topic explored for insights among a demanding target audience. Beate gave great strategic advice regarding methodology, recruitment criteria, discussion-guide etc. But most importantly, her summary and analysis of the research resulted in meaningful, actionable recommendations and next steps. I recommend Beate without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a result oriented market research professional.”

Arndt Kottsieper, Manager Pearls & Pies, Strategic Marketing Consultancy. Lausanne/Switzerland

"When it comes to testing new ideas with respect to their consumer acceptance we like to consult Beate Meyer. We know from experience that with her kind of market research we get the best possible insights into our consumers’ thinking and motivational thinking patterns.”

Johannes H. Mauss, Director Marketing & Sales, Health Food Haus Rabenhorst

"Business-to-business explorations require a sure instinct, you need somebody to be able to listen to what is said between the lines. This is key to generate relevant insights. In an extensive b-2-b project, Ms Meyer has helped us with her precise and indepth-analysis to even further optimize our constructive cooperation with our trade partners.”

Marlen Jškel, Product & Marketing Manager, Sachsenmilch AG, Dresden/Leppersdorf

"Speaking of international projects you need an open mind and full perspective, the ability to put yourself into the position of your customers and understand their thinking, even if they come from different countries and cultures. Experience shows that for this kind of challenge we are in the best hands with Beate Meyer’s market research expertise: We have been able, again and again, to unveil new and relevant customer insights when working with Quality Marketing."

Agnès Wiegand, Senior Insights Director, Analysis Scent GmbH, Frankfurt


„Beate Meyer has taken us through an exceptional internal workshop day with enthusiasm and professionalism. The workshop’s results represent a valuable finetuning of consumer based insights with respect to our brands. Overall, we were able to make considerable headway in our marketing positioning process."

Ole Dölling, Board of Management, Döllinghareico


Companies/Brands I've worked for

Procter & Gamble
Pampers, Lenor, Braun, Ariel, Swiffer, Blend a med, Dent a med, Always,

Merck Pharma

Johnson & Johnson
Carefree, Regaine, Livocab

Darmstädter Privatbrauerei, Darmstadt

Sachsenmilch AG Leppersdorf

Insight Driven Brand Consulting & Communication, Hamburg

Kochlöffel Restaurants
Fast Food Restaurants

Epi-3 Healthcare
Thai Chi Tea, Tea tree oil

Haus Rabenhorst Unkel
Rotbäckchen, 3 Pauly

Taste Werbeagentur, Offenbach

ANALYSIS The Scent Company, Frankfurt/New York
Barbara Busch
Vice President

Amadeus Germany GmbH, Bad Homburg
Travel Booking Services

bmc Consulting, Frankfurt


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