Quality Marketing Beate Meyer

Market Research – face to face and online

Group discussions

Consulting and support right from the beginning:

  • Situation analysis and resulting action plan

  • Definition of specific research objective

  • Personal re-briefing

  • Ensures that truely relevant answers are generated

Personal attention during the complete focus group process

  • Development of the discussion guide

  • Professional moderation

  • On-the-spot feedback

  • Detailed analysis report

  • Action-oriented recommendation for next steps

I specialise in a variety of target groups, particularly:

  • Pregnant women

  • Mothers

  • Best Agers

  • Children

  • Teenagers

  • Doctors (oncologists, gynaecologists, dentists)

  • Pharmacists

  • And many more

Concept Labs

  • A series of several focus groups with a direct use of the results
    (of one group for the following group) in one day

  • In-between concept optimisation

  • Advantage: quick generation of actionable results within 24 hours!

Creative Groups

  • Special variant of focus groups with a focus on creative techniques

  • Deprivation groups

  • Collages, role plays, gallery walks and others

In-depth Explorations

  • Consultancy and support during the complete project process,
    as described above.

  • I generally moderate and conduct most interviews and groups personally, so that information gaps are avoided.


  • Live Shopping with your target group directly at the POP

  • 'Shadowing' directly at the POP for insights as to searching behavior

  • In combination with pre- and post-interview

  • Result: Action-orientated solutions

Mystery Shopping

  • Qualified Mystery Shopping, not just designed to deliver representative statistics but to give an indepth overview of the situation in the shops

  • Target: Generation of actionable results thanks to explorative interviews held in selected outlets

  • Generation of semi structured questionnaires based on the Client briefing

  • Result: Action-orientated solutions

Store Checks

  • Qualified Store Checks, not just designed to deliver representative statistics but to give an indepth overview of the product placement, pricings a.s.o. in the outlets.

  • Target: Generation of actionable results thanks to store checks in selected outlets

  • Elaboration of structured screening-sheets based on the Client’s briefing and concerns

  • Action-orientated solutions

Quantitative Studies

  • If appropriate, I will coordinate a quantiative corroboration of the qualitative results.

  • To this aim, I work hand in hand with studios of impeccable reputation, always the concrete challenges of your specific project in mind.

  • I can rely on excellent proven successful team players in the group of my business and service partners.


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